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Collections of Short Fiction by C. T. Stoneham

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Killers and Their Prey (1933)
A collection of short stories mostly about big-game hunting in Kenya and Tanganyika.
Contents: Companions of the Night; Disputed Meat; A Bad Memory; One Glorious Hour; War in the Reeds; The Slayers; Hunted!; The Oryx Bull; The Bear of the Nandi; Hours of Shadow; Repayment in Kind; Jino-Moja; The Perilous Night; The Savage of Thorn and Sand.

Dwellers in the Wilderness (1935)
A collection of short stories reprinted from the following periodicals: The Windsor Magazine, Storyteller Magazine, Chambers's Journal, Britannia and Eve, The Passing Show, John O'London's Weekly, Daily Mail, The Evening News, Daily Sketch and Daily Herald.
Contents: The Dauntless Immigrant; Farewell to Oldama; "Getting Even"; The Trail of Despair; The Lazy One; The Forest Acrobat; Munwa's "Mungu"; Lochinvar of the Veld; Leopard's Lair; The Bellowing Devil; The Superior Fowl; A Prince Led Captive; Golon, "The Power"; The Great Migration; The Ungrateful Patient; A Matter of Judgment; The Love of Lions; A Bone of Contention; Bear Existence; Mamba, The Crocodile; The Invincible Pig; The Head-Hunters; The Dog-Faced Clown; The King of Kinankop; "Calling All Hyraces!"; Hours of Shadow.



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