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Nonfiction Works by C. T. Stoneham


Wanderings in Wild Africa (1932)
This volume includes chapters detailing Stoneham's experiences on five safaris, as well as practical information on how to hunt big-game and organize an expedition. This book was reprinted in 1957 under the title Wildest Africa.

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Hunting Wild Beasts with Rifle and Camera (1933)
This book includes various accounts of Stoneham's experiences while hunting wild animals.

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Africa All Over: Trading, Hunting and Transport (1934)
In this book Stoneham recalls several hunting and gold-prospecting adventures he experienced in Kenya during the 1920s.

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Mau Mau (1953)
This book provides a fascinating and informative background to the Mau Mau insurrection which took place in Kenya in the 1950s.

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Big Stuff: African Big Game and its Hunters (1954)
A book about various hunting adventures in the East African bush during the golden age of Safari.

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Out of Barbarism (1955)
An interesting and detailed account of the transition to independence in Kenya and aspects of the Mau Mau rebellion, as told from the point of view of a settler.

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From Hobo to Hunter (1956)
Stoneham's autobiography.
"Actor, hobo, navvy, lumberjack, barber, waiter, soldier, whitehunter: Stoneham was each in turn."


"Who's Who in The Blue"
The Blue Magazine, June 1926 (this is a biographical piece about C. T. Stoneham)

"The Native Knows What He Wants"
Daily Mail, July 27, 1927 (as by G. Stoneham)

"Chivvied by a Crocodile"
The Star, February 27, 1932 (an extract from the book Wanderings in Wild Africa)

"The Terror of Kima"
Cassell's Magazine, August 1932 (part one of the "Blazing the Trail in Tropical Africa" series)

"The Intrepid Shepherd"
Cassell's Magazine, September 1932 (part two of the "Blazing the Trail in Tropical Africa" series)

"Getting Through"
Cassell's Magazine, October 1932 (part three of the "Blazing the Trail in Tropical Africa" series)

"The Golden Lure"
Cassell's Magazine, November 1932 (part four of the "Blazing the Trail in Tropical Africa" series)

"Shooting Ivory"
Cassell's Magazine, December 1932 (part five of the "Blazing the Trail in Tropical Africa" series)

"The Millionaires' Massacre"
The Passing Show, April 21, 1934

"The Zulu's Revenge!"
The Modern Boy, January 12, 1935

"Episode in Africa"
The Storyteller, February 1937

"The Coming of the Bombers"
Britannia and Eve, November 1940

"About Lions"
Britannia and Eve, May 1949

"A Symphony of Wildlife"
Britannia and Eve, January 1950

"The Deadliest Beast"
Courier, September 1952

"Hunting Africa's Big Five"
The Eagle Annual, Hulton Press, 1953

"The Giraffe at Home"
Boy's Own Companion No. 5, ed. Jack Cox, Lutterworth Press, 1963

"Another Look at C. T. Stoneham and Kaspa"
Erbania, No. 59, Spring 1989 (this is an article by Peter Ogden)



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